Alchemize with Lauren

The Hospitality & Travel Industry

Thinking about a career in the Hospitality & Travel industry? Excellent choice! According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the three industries which will dominate the 21st Century are tourism, information technology, and telecommunications. In the past 30 years the travel and tourism industry has grown by over 500%; and the expected spending on… Continue reading The Hospitality & Travel Industry

Making Mental Notes

As you walk up to the hostess stand, you’re greeted not only with a “Good evening”, but with your name. Shortly after you are seated, the busboy pours your water and remembers that not only do you enjoy a lot of ice in your beverage, he also automatically retrieves a straw from his apron pocket.… Continue reading Making Mental Notes

More than a little bit of bleach!

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work with a client in the hospitality industry who was seeking additional employees for their hotel and restaurants. Guests and patrons have become accustomed to have a high level of expectations when it comes to dining or hotel stays than with many other industries. As a result, the managers… Continue reading More than a little bit of bleach!

Turning the Tables

Let’s play “Devil’s Advocate” for a minute. Or do the exercise of picturing yourself in the “other person’s shoes”. A little role-playing works wonders when you are trying to analyze a situation, solve a problem or hopefully win an argument. If you can truly imagine and work through a scenario as though your roles or… Continue reading Turning the Tables

What are you waiting for?

Are you one of those people who laments that ‘life is too short’? Almost everyone says it or feels it, some more than others. For many people it takes a life altering event to jolt them into this realization, for others it is an underlying consistent acknowledgement and recognition of the passage of time. But… Continue reading What are you waiting for?

Get this Off the “To Do” List!

We had never met but her voice was more than familiar. This was probably the fourth time Debbie had called to set up an appointment. It was an “emergency”, she said. It was always an emergency. She had an interview scheduled, a job fair to attend, or an associate that wanted to see her resume.… Continue reading Get this Off the “To Do” List!

An Expert in Everything??

In this era of personal “outsourcing”, we have people providing an incredible array of personal and professional services. Services that would seem impossible to believe just a few years ago. Dog Walkers. Personal Trainers. Personal Chefs. Personal concierges. Personal Drivers. Personal Errand Runners. Professional Organizers. Tutors and Coaches for just about everything. Add to those,… Continue reading An Expert in Everything??

3 steps: Resume. Interview. Job!!

We go over your notes, pages of job descriptions, evaluations and review some past resumes. We probably discuss every aspect of your career, promotions, job-hopping, your industry, office politics, and creating better opportunities. We build a resume. Word for word. Line by line. Meticulous editing to get just the right words to create a summary… Continue reading 3 steps: Resume. Interview. Job!!