Alchemize with Lauren

Alchemize Workshops

It’s quite a challenge. You’ve got a group, organization or class that is looking to you to find a fun and meaningful presentation that can make a real difference in their lives.


What to do?


Alchemize with Lauren Workshops speak to something people really want to know: how to create a successful impression that gets them noticed – and puts them ahead. I give your group inside tips and successful strategies for making a unique and powerful impression in the job market, on an interview, at the podium, in the conference room, or on a date.


I can tailor a presentation specifically for your group’s needs. Tailoring image and career building presentations to the particular audience – whether it be corporate, community, military, or academically based – is what it’s all about.


Looking for something more? I also specialize in creating and defining organizational dress codes and facilitating with business uniform selections. I work directly with your HR department to ensure alignment between your brand and your employees.

Most Requested Alchemize Workshops

Building the Foundation

The basis of creating your unique image

The Nuts and Bolts of Networking

Not who you know, but who you should know and how to meet them

Sharpening your image

Developing a look that gets you second looks

The Etiquette Edge

Top tips on true professional protocol in the work place, professionally and socially

Ready to alchemize your organization?