Alchemize with Lauren

The Alchemize Experience

The Alchemize Experience

Your image is the unique combination of






Leaving an impression is more than just the clothes you wear. It’s the way you carry yourself, how you speak, your body language, the way you style your hair. Each piece says something about you and reflects your unique image. When style, personality and (a little) science come together, you create an image that appears effortless, like magic.

The subtle power of

an impeccable image

A client came to me before going on a tropical vacation looking for advice on what to wear. His packing list looked more like he was headed to the office than to the tropics.


Simply put: he would draw attention for all the wrong reasons because he looked out of place. We set him up with a wardrobe that not only aligned with his travel but was unmistakably “him”.


The result? The very first night people were drawn to him, inviting him to sit with them, interacting and excited to engage with him.


What may have taken 3-4 days happened in the matter of a few hours all because we set him up for success. He looked like he was meant to be there and he owned the moment.


Now it’s time for you to own the moment too, you in?

Style starts with the decision to embrace who you are and can become by enhancing your 'visual expression'.

Through my signature “Alchemization” formula, I guide you to the ‘you-est’ version of yourself so you can reflect that everywhere you go. 


Whatever life looks like for you, it’s time to elevate your image (and wardrobe) so you can put your best foot forward…even when you are running errands.

Ways my clients have leveled up…

Win the Election
secure the promotion
attract the right match
transition from military to civilian life
Get the gig
Be interview ready
shine in media apprearances
make a lasting first impression

You can have whatever you want if you dress for it

Edith Head

The Alchemize Experience



Before I even touch a hanger or create an outfit, I want to understand your lifestyle.


From the climate and activities of where you live and travel to that cute, fluffy dog, each aspect of your life impacts my recommendations for your image.


The Magic

Time for me to work my magic. From sourcing to styling, the entire process is tailored to your needs.


Whether it is one event or a full transformation, each client is treated like a VIP (and we have a lot of fun along the way!).


Own the Moment

It’s time for you to shine. You look the part and are ready to own the moment.


But don’t worry, I’m just a phone call or text away for the next event or moment. Although, I don’t think it will be long…even the most hesitant clients tend to get addicted!

I’m ready to own the moment