Alchemize with Lauren

Judging a Book by its Cover

The goal of a resume is not so much to get the job, but to get you to the next step in the search: An invitation for an interview. The resume is a version of you – a paper version, so to speak. If the resume is well prepared, it will result in attaining your… Continue reading Judging a Book by its Cover

Making Mental Notes

As you walk up to the hostess stand, you’re greeted not only with a “Good evening”, but with your name. Shortly after you are seated, the busboy pours your water and remembers that not only do you enjoy a lot of ice in your beverage, he also automatically retrieves a straw from his apron pocket.… Continue reading Making Mental Notes

Take a #2 pencil and print, don’t write.

After a local firm ran a classified advertisement seeking a marketing director, my company was hired to weed through the hundreds of prospects that had submitted their resumes. The wanted to see only “the best of the best” and call them in for interviews. It’s always interesting to be on “the other side of the… Continue reading Take a #2 pencil and print, don’t write.

Where’s the beef/side dish?

Ah, nostalgia. Remember your very first resume?  You described your recent education, a couple of summer jobs, maybe a part time or after school job or two, and that was pretty much the extent of it. But there were likely a couple of other sections that helped round out the resume. One of these was… Continue reading Where’s the beef/side dish?