Alchemize with Lauren

Create an
irresistible impression,
wherever you go

Image and style strategy allows you to reflect who you are to the world so you can own the moment, every moment. 

Create an
irresistible impression,
wherever you go

Image and style strategy allows you to reflect who you are to the world so you can own the moment, every moment. 

Too often, I hear about people missing opportunities because they don’t “look the part”.

It’s time to change that.

Whether you are making a career move, traveling on vacation, or simply going to the grocery store, how you carry yourself leaves an impression. It’s never “just an outfit”, it’s a reflection of you. And if you ask me, that reflection should be the ‘you-est’ version of you. The Alchemize Style Formula is part science, part personality with a little magic sprinkled in. Let’s create an irresistible impression everywhere you go…even to the hardware store.

Meet your image alchemist

Hi, I’m Lauren!

I’m passionate about taking the challenge out of style so you can reach your goals…and have a lot of fun along the way. Learn more about my story along with my approach to help you shine.

Show Up and Be Seen

How you show up determines how the world sees you. We all have a unique image. I help clients reflect that image so that the world can see it more clearly.

Elevate your social image

Want to express your truest self on a date or impress colleagues at a networking event? Let’s craft an image that allows you to shine everywhere you go!

Elevate your professional image

Do you want to step into a meeting with confidence and purpose? Elevating your professional image is more than choosing the right attire, it’s strategically preparing you to command the room.

Don't just Take it From Me...

With Lauren’s help, the confidence I felt on the inside finally showed on the outside. Working with you has helped me overcome a chronic condition of “Analysis Paralysis”. Thank you for helping me change my life.

Cheryl R.

Lauren’s attention to detail, style, color and quality is quite amazing. I look good and more importantly I feel great. She really knows her stuff. Out of everything I have learned from Lauren, the thing that resonates the most is while maybe personal appearance shouldn’t matter, it does. Looking the part stacks one more card in your favor, and who wouldn’t want to do that!?

Keith L.

What took me so long!? Wish I had done this years ago. Lauren really took the time to understand me and my goals and went way beyond my expectations. And I don’t mind the compliments one bit!

Richard R.

Lauren played an invaluable part in my amazing transformation. Her high professional standards, promptness, eye for detail, efficiency and sense of humor make her a pleasure to work with.

Marcy A.

I truly value Lauren’s influence, candor and integrity in the many years she has provided counsel to me and my business. She’s has a rare blend of talents with the insight to evaluate reality, see situations are they are, and to come up with effective solutions. You can’t put a price tag on this kind of guidance, the results are priceless.

Jerry G.

After being out of the workforce for so long to raise my children, I felt my fashion sense was gone. Lauren helped me build a workable, up-to-date wardrobe, sharpened my interviewing skills and gave me the confidence to re-enter the workplace as if I hadn’t missed a beat.

Sheila W.

Lauren’s help has proved to be enormously effective. Within a few weeks, I began to see a difference in the way people perceived and reacted to me. This astonishing difference helped transform me from just another face in the crowd to a “go-to” resource in my industry. Her lessons and strategies aren’t just for today. They are forever.

William H.

I don’t like keeping all my secrets to myself

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