Alchemize with Lauren

A magic number?

You only need ONE. Job, that is. But to get to THAT part, you have to go on interviews. It’s natural to wonder what’s going on. You had all the requirements for the position you responded to but you didn’t even get a phone call. What are the odds? Is it statistics? Are there a… Continue reading A magic number?

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Turning the Tables

Let’s play “Devil’s Advocate” for a minute. Or do the exercise of picturing yourself in the “other person’s shoes”. A little role-playing works wonders when you are trying to analyze a situation, solve a problem or hopefully win an argument. If you can truly imagine and work through a scenario as though your roles or… Continue reading Turning the Tables

What are you waiting for?

Are you one of those people who laments that ‘life is too short’? Almost everyone says it or feels it, some more than others. For many people it takes a life altering event to jolt them into this realization, for others it is an underlying consistent acknowledgement and recognition of the passage of time. But… Continue reading What are you waiting for?

Where’s the beef/side dish?

Ah, nostalgia. Remember your very first resume?  You described your recent education, a couple of summer jobs, maybe a part time or after school job or two, and that was pretty much the extent of it. But there were likely a couple of other sections that helped round out the resume. One of these was… Continue reading Where’s the beef/side dish?