Alchemize with Lauren

Why be "acceptable" when

you can be exceptional?

Why be "acceptable" when you can be exceptional?

THE image alchemist

Hi, I’m Lauren!

My start in image consulting actually began with a storied advertising and marketing career. Companies spend ample time advertising and marketing the products we consume, but how often do we turn the tables and consider how we are marketing ourselves?

I saw too many people missing out on opportunities because they didn’t ‘look the part’ so I began using my advertising skills to market and transform people instead of products.

Many years and clients later, my passion for transforming clients so they can put their best foot forward hasn’t wavered. I’m driven by the stories of how their lives have enhanced because we brought their unique personality to life visually. That’s the real magic, feeling the most ‘you’ version of yourself everywhere you go.

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

Jean Cocteau