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A magic number?

You only need ONE. Job, that is. But to get to THAT part, you have to go on interviews. It’s natural to wonder what’s going on. You had all the requirements for the position you responded to but you didn’t even get a phone call. What are the odds? Is it statistics? Are there a… Continue reading A magic number?

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The Hospitality & Travel Industry

Thinking about a career in the Hospitality & Travel industry? Excellent choice! According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the three industries which will dominate the 21st Century are tourism, information technology, and telecommunications. In the past 30 years the travel and tourism industry has grown by over 500%; and the expected spending on… Continue reading The Hospitality & Travel Industry

It’s Official!

One of Comedian George Carlin’s classic routines was a comparison of the favorite American pastimes, baseball and football. He talks about the words used to describe their differences. Football has “downs”, baseball has “ups”; football is played in any kind of weather; baseball is cancelled if it rains. Baseball is played in a park; football… Continue reading It’s Official!

Judging a Book by its Cover

The goal of a resume is not so much to get the job, but to get you to the next step in the search: An invitation for an interview. The resume is a version of you – a paper version, so to speak. If the resume is well prepared, it will result in attaining your… Continue reading Judging a Book by its Cover

Making Mental Notes

As you walk up to the hostess stand, you’re greeted not only with a “Good evening”, but with your name. Shortly after you are seated, the busboy pours your water and remembers that not only do you enjoy a lot of ice in your beverage, he also automatically retrieves a straw from his apron pocket.… Continue reading Making Mental Notes

More than a little bit of bleach!

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work with a client in the hospitality industry who was seeking additional employees for their hotel and restaurants. Guests and patrons have become accustomed to have a high level of expectations when it comes to dining or hotel stays than with many other industries. As a result, the managers… Continue reading More than a little bit of bleach!

Should you take it personally?

A very normal reaction to being turned down for a particular position is “But why wasn’t I selected?” Rarely does someone say, “Oh, great! I’d like to congratulate the person who got the job!” And, depending upon how strongly you wanted this particular job, the more likely you are to take the rejection personally. What… Continue reading Should you take it personally?

Stay in the Closet (‘til it’s done!)

There’s fall cleaning and spring cleaning. There’s dusting, scrubbing and waxing. There’s car washing. Soap and water, a few rags. Not too bad. Put in some time. First it was dirty. Now it’s not. Simple. But when asked what they dreaded most of all, 7 out of 10 women (and a even a few men… Continue reading Stay in the Closet (‘til it’s done!)

Take a #2 pencil and print, don’t write.

After a local firm ran a classified advertisement seeking a marketing director, my company was hired to weed through the hundreds of prospects that had submitted their resumes. The wanted to see only “the best of the best” and call them in for interviews. It’s always interesting to be on “the other side of the… Continue reading Take a #2 pencil and print, don’t write.

The Interview Starts … now.

Several times a week I get calls from firms seeking employees. Not because I’m a “head-hunter’ or a recruiter, but because they know I meet candidates in the very early stages of their job search.  These employers are creative and proactive. When seeking for someone special, why wait and hope that the resume of a… Continue reading The Interview Starts … now.

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